A real estate project cannot flourish without dedicated and close supervision. From the time a project is born, Sunbelt Holdings strategically manages it to maximize long-term viability and yield, regardless of size, value or market sector.

Whether managing commercial or residential projects, Sunbelt Holdings provides its clientele with far-reaching expertise from seasoned professionals. Every aspect of the project is actively managed including pre-leasing, pre-construction, land development and vertical construction and promotion, tenant and builder relations, financial management, and marketing.

Sunbelt Holdings anticipates market strengths and weaknesses and manages its real estate portfolio accordingly. We built our reputation by identifying undervalued or underutilized properties, acquiring them and strategically increasing the value of the holdings.

Because we adhere to strict standards and a stated objective for every project, we have attracted enviable sources of financing. Long-standing relationships with equity partners and lenders continues to ensure that Sunbelt Holdings fulfills its vision for each project.

The successful union of multiple parties in a real estate transaction is complicated. The optimal solution is only achieved by creating the perfect union of buyer, seller, property and market climate, resulting in a transaction that satisfies everyone’s expectations. Sunbelt’s objective with every transaction is to create value for each party. In this way, we are able to foster important long-term relationships in an increasingly myopic business environment.

Our network of owners, partners, clients and investors is extensive. And our expertise in this pursuit encompasses every real estate sector – land, office, industrial, residential, retail and hospitality.